Why choose INDEC ?

  • Overall project management done by Indec directors: Herman Demulder – Group Staff projects
    and Dirk Mingelinckx – Ford Land projects
  • Your Advantage:

Decision makers are main project responsibles, thus a timely reactivity is guaranteed

  • Engineering and lay out design:

Indec provides the support of experienced specialists and local certified engineers

  • Your Advantage

Proven design principles and technology will be introduced and adapted to local regulations where necessary

    • A mix of our experienced people and the best local people

– On site supervision and coordination: Indec Belgium project managers, supported by local technicians
– On site H&S supervision through Automotive approved companies
– Main subcontractors on site: experienced -“Automotive-approved”-subcontractors, supported by local companies

    • Your advantage:

Indec people on site are familiar with Automotive standards & way of working, local people are familiar with local standards & way of working