An essential part of a full-service supplier and integrator like Indec: the care for all the “services” that are necessary to keep a production machine working. Whether it concerns an assembly line, a press installation or an office building: every environment has its own specific needs for compressed air, cooling, electricity and/or high voltage, water supply, sprinkler, etc. Indec will ensure that all these media are constructed sufficiently and state of the art and in accordance with the latest standards. A few examples that illustrate the versatility:

  • Special lighting in Coating North at Ford in Genk
  • Renovation of the low-pressure degreasing at Ford in Genk
  • Technical installations for the clean room of SABCA Limburg nv: complete HVAC installation, lighting, smoke detection and evacuation…
  • Renovation of the sprinkler installations at Ford in Lommel and in Genk
  • Electricity supplies for the new assembly lines at Ford in Genk