About indec

Indec, founded in 2002, is a general contractor that in the broadest sense of the word does what its name says: engineering and contracting for clients in industry and utilities. The people behind Indec use their years of experience in automotive production to find a total solution for their clients to every problem or for every project, ranging from the concept or feasibility study and budgeting to technical details and realisation. Within this framework, Indec offers its client broad experience in the area of design, engineering and project management. Indec’s activities are in automation (robots, plc controls, industrial networks..), conveyors and internal transport (pallets, belts, EHB, EMS, raising platforms, etc), services (electric installations, HVAC, industrial refrigeration, IT networks, sprinklers.), buildings and constructional work (steel, concrete, car parks, office buildings, foundations for machinery, .) and facility management (management and technical maintenance of installations, internal services.). Indec is active throughout Europe and to this end has branches or subsidiaries in Germany (Saarlouis), England (Basildon), France (Lille), Spain (Valencia), Russia (St. Petersburg) and Romania (Craiova).